Our lab opened its doors in January of 2015 and we are recruiting a diverse set of scientists.   If you are interested in joining our team please send an email that contains a current CV and details of your interest in population genomics to

Postdoctoral researchers

Individuals who are interested in joining our lab as a postdoc are encouraged to contact me via email to discuss research ideas and fellowship opportunities. 

PhD students

Our lab has funding available for PhD students in the BiologyBioinformatics, and Quantitative Biosciences programs.   Previous research experience is desirable, as it’s good to know what you are getting into!   There is flexibility regarding your research project so long as it fits within the general interests of the Lachance Lab.

Masters students

M.S. students in Bioinformatics are encouraged to enquire about joining our lab.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate opportunities for research credit may be available.   If you are interested in joining our lab drop me an email so that we can schedule a meeting.